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Customized for you

You are unique and so are your needs. Task Gal offers plans tailor-made for you and your business.


Growth is part of life so expect Task Gal to adapt to your needs as they change, with personalized service.


Experienced, skilled & Drawing on years of experience, your tasks will be completed promptly with high attention to detail.

Ease Stress

Everyone deserves some time to enjoy the life they work so hard to build. Task Gal will help you have the freedom to enjoy your life or grow your business.

About Aly

Aly de Bruijn

The Side Kick Behind it all

Every sidekick needs a back story right? Well, it all started in the big city of Calgary where I began my journey to gain the experience to help people in need with their business. But of course, I didn’t know back then. I experienced many different fields and offices but in the end, I was called to the beautiful Okanagan Valley.

Here I grew my skills even further working in everything from legal assistance to dispatch. Guided by a heart too big for my own good and a dream to help people, I’ve got over 8 years in administration experience that I’d love to use to help make your business what you’ve dreamed it to be.


We met up in starbucks to discuss her helping me and I was completely overwhelmed with personal appointments for myself and my kids; as well as my huge to-do list for my business. She was able to figure out how she could lighten the load from my ramblings. She has taken over my google calendar, (actually I didn't have one so she started it) so I just have to send a photo of an appointment form or a text and she sends me daily reminders of everything that I have on. She has done spreadsheets for me so I have a clear marketing plan for my business and she has even sorted out my disaster of an email inbox! Taken me off all of those spammy email lists, made folders for what is important etc. I am still coming up with things I can delegate to her and I am getting so much value for money! If she doesn't know how to do something, she will figure it out or find me someone who can. Anyway, maybe she can help you too❤️
Vicky Wallace
Owner of Springfield kids play therapy


– Help desk & Customer support
– Email Support & Surveys
– Process orders, Refunds & Billing inquiries
– Managing website’s live chat

– Coordinate Schedule & Calendar
– Schedule Meetings & Appointments
– Daily Text/Email of To Do List, & Appointments
–  Inbox Management
– Crate & Manage CRM & Contacts Database
– Manage & Organize Cloud Storage (Dropbox/Gdrive)
– Coordinate Outsourcing
– Tech Support (If I can’t fix it I’ll find you someone who can!)
– Brainstorming Sessions
– Planning Sessions

– Document Creation
– Transcription from Audio, Voicemail or Video
– Form Creation
– Spreadsheets

– Fact Checking
– How To’s/Training
– Gather data for Blogs, Videos, Courses
– Travel & Planning
– Resources
– Competitor Research
– 2nd Hand Audience research
– Conversion Monitoring on Social Media
– Product Comparisons

– Create & Send Invoices
– Process Payments
– Monthly Reports
* I am not a bookkeeper, I only offer basic financial services. 

– Organize emails into Folders
– Clean & Block Spam unsubscribe from lists

– Client Reminders
– Voicemail monitoring, filtering
– Interview, Appointment & Meeting bookings
– Follow up
– Internal Sales

– Monthly Social Media Planning Session
– Social Media Stats reports 
– Scheduled uploading of Content
– Page/Group moderation
– Profile set up

Don’t see a service your looking for here? I may still offer it! Contact me for more information or any questions you have.

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Kelowna British Columbia



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